NINJAworkspace platform developer manual

How to embed on your website Instructions \ Godaddy

Create a new page on your website with a top bar menu item or a sub menu. Name that menu page, it something like Secure Workspace, My Secure Workspace, etc...
You can also add a button that links to this Secure Workspace page and it does not have to be a top line menu item.
In either case you need to create a new page to your website to add the NINJAworkspace Iframe.
See instruction below… You will copy and paste the code to a new page with an HTML block/window on it.

The workspace owner has the option to ADD all new users to his contact list automatically. Check instructions here.

Get NINJA widget code.

Copy code from box below or see above for basic variant samples.
Important! You can set height in NINJA widget code here in line 1: style="height:900px; ...
Also later you can set height of section in GoDaddy interface.
<div id="nwd_frame_outbox" style="width:100%; height:900px; background:url('') no-repeat center center; background-size: 100% auto;"> <script id="nynwidget_script_exe"> var nynWidgetOptions = { start_timeout: 100, default_url: "", // User Profile Embedded link workspace_id: "", parent: document.getElementById("nynwidget_script_exe").parentElement, frame_id: "nwd_frame", frame_elm: null, view_mode: "static", // fullscreen,static, popup, modal to_create_html: true, to_show_widget_button: false, to_show_frame_onstart: true, to_load_nynja_onstart: true, add_css_code: "", frame_style: "", frame_position: "", widget_style: "", widget_position: "right_bottom", to_scroll: true, special_mode: "godaddy" }; </script> <script id="nynwidget_script_src" src="" type="text/javascript"></script> </div>

Add new HTML section to page

Go to "Godaddy" site and start edit your website.
Go to page you want to change and click "Add Section".
Choose "HTML" section type. If you don't see "HTML" type in menu - you can search, using search input in list header.

Add NINJA iframe code

Click new created HTML block to enable edit mode.
Paste NINJA widget code to "Custom Code" input.

Set section size

Here you can define height of HTML section in pixels

You can choose different design variants (view modes)

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