NINJAworkspace platform developer manual

Auto Add New Users to Contact-list

Adding your contact info to the code that you embed on your workspace will automatically add you as a user in their contact list.
The workspace owner has the option to ADD all new users to his contact list automatically.
The owner simple needs to set his "EMBEDDED User Profile Link" to "default_url" param of widget.
Use this procedure:

Get "Profile Embedded Link"

Go to ROOT NINJA web. Open profile page and COPY Embedded link from there.
You can Save this link for feature usage to some text file if you need.

Get/Open "Widget code"

If you already added NINJA widget code to your website - find it and open it for edit.
If you did not yet have this code - Copy code from box below or see above for basic variant samples or Implementation instructions.
<script id="nynwidget_script_exe"> var nynWidgetOptions = { start_timeout: 1000, default_url: "", // User Profile Embedded link workspace_id: "", parent: document.getElementById("nynwidget_script_exe").parentElement, frame_id: "nwd_frame", frame_elm: null, view_mode: "static", // fullscreen,static, popup, modal to_create_html: true, to_show_widget_button: false, to_show_frame_onstart: true, to_load_nynja_onstart: true, add_css_code: "", frame_style: "", frame_position: "", widget_style: "", widget_position: "right_bottom", to_scroll: true, special_mode: "" }; </script> <script id="nynwidget_script_src" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Add "Profile Link" to widget param

Find in NINJA widget code row with parameter "default_url" and PASTE Copied Embedded link between bracers.
So finally row should look like default_url : "",
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